Can't validate X on pre-existing site


I've had X theme on my website, since 2015. I upgraded the theme and now it will not validate using the code in the apex license area.

Can you please help?


Hi there,

It seems that there is a typo on the domain you added in the licenses page:

You added the domain with double Z. Kindly click on the Edit pencil icon and correct the domain name. And then follow the same process of validation as mentioned here:

Thank you.

Hello. There is no typo- the website is spelled with two z's- Frizzell. Any other ideas?

Hi There,

Please check out if the connection to is block by your server. For other troubleshooting tips, please check out our knowledge base:

If nothing is all working, please provide us access to your WP admin so that we can take closer look.

Please let us know how it goes.

Unfortunately, I've tried these things. My host is GoDaddy, so i'm sure they are not blocking anything X theme requires to run, as I have many other GoDaddy hosted X theme sites.

I will put login creds in secure.

THank you,

Hi there,

Thank you for providing the login information. I checked the case and found out this error:

Error 500 is the internal server error which is not a good indicator of the actual problem. Kindly contact GoDaddy and ask them to give you the error log so that we will have the correct error to be able to follow up.

I already read your reply but I insist that there is something blocking the ajax.php to reach our server address on your hosting service provider and you need to focus on troubleshooting that problem.

Thank you for your understanding.