Can't edit some pages in cornerstone since 5.5 upgrade

Since upgraded to 5.5, I have a number of pages that now say they’ve been modified outside of cornerstone and can’t be edited. Certainly none of these pages were edited outside of cornerstone. And yes, I’ve seen the forum post about the 5.5 button issue. Even when i head into these pages via other routes, they’re missing all widgets/sections.

Where is the metadata kept that cornerstone uses to determine when/how a page was last edited? I’d like to understand the scope of how many broken pages I have, and I’m hoping there’s a query I can run to figure this out.

Hi @rivaliq,

Thanks for reaching out.

There could be a plugin or custom code that affects cornerstone.

I recommend the following troubleshooting procedures before we investigate the settings.


Only if none of that helps, please give us the following information in a Secure Note.

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@rivaliq other user and I are having the same issue. Let us know what you find out.

Hello @lwskcmi,

Thanks for updating this thread. We will be responding to your own thread shortly.


Thanks, Marc. I just left you a secure note with more details. In short, I went through your steps, and it didn’t change any behavior.

Hey @rivaliq,

I checked your pages and seems like they were edited accidently outside Cornerstone, as a test I restored an old revision for the page “Social Media Audits” and it is now editable in Cornerstone. the last state was corrupted and Cornerstone couldn’t recognize the content.

You can now do the same for your other page, try restoring to the last working revision with Cornerstone and it should fix the issue.

Hope this helps!

Yeah, @nabeel, i had done that in a few other places. My deeper question is, why all of the sudden am I seeing random corruption? And, is there a way that I can see what’s affected via the DB? In other words, what code check are you all doing on a page to test that it has been modified outside of cornerstone?

Hi @rivaliq,

Regretfully, there’s no such SQL code to check what’s the affected page, You should check your pages one by one.

Hope that helps.

Thank you.

Thanks for that Marc. I’ve circled around with my team, and done more investigation as to what could be causing this problem.

I’ve figured out what’s happening, and the 5.5 upgrade is a red herring.

It turns out that, via the media library, we updated the underlying image assets for a few images on our site. Those updates caused the last modified timestamps on those images to move forward.

For any page that contains one of these updated images, Cornerstone will not let us edit it (saying it mas ben modified outside of cornerstone). It appears that Cornerstone is incorrectly determining the most recent update timestamp for the page.

I’m happy to create you a repro video (now that I understand fully how we got here).

What logic is Cornerstone using to determine when a page was modified ? We haven’t been modifying pages and now we’re a bit stuck with what feels like a bug (or at least a conservative approach) in Cornerstone.

Please advise.

Hello @rivaliq,

Please send us a video screencast where you were having the issue. If you can walk us through the steps in replicating the issue, it would be better so that we can investigate this issue further.

Best Regards.

Hey again,

Here’s a screencast of me walking through the repro of the issue. I also demonstrated the current workaround along the lines of what @nabeel suggested above. I look forward to hearing what you find.

Soapbox - Cornerstone, editing issue with image replacement

I’ve continued to dig, and here are a few more things that are relevant to this issue.

  1. The ability to replace media comes from Enable Media Replace (

  2. That Enable Media replace plugin has a recent update (3.5.0). I just applied that update, and now, the issue doesn’t reproduce. Of course, the pages that are in a broken state are still broken. But, I can’t repro it now.

Hey @rivaliq,

Thank you for your video. It is the Enable Media Replace plugin that programmatically modifies the content. It’s still the same as modifying the content manually though. If the content is modified and saved, the Cornerstone data will be erased but Cornerstone’s Generated Shortcodes, which is what you see, will remain.

Please try clicking the YES, PROCEED button to check if the Cornerstone data is still there. If Cornerstone is blank, regretfully, you need to rebuild the page or better yet, revert from a previous backup of your site.


Hope that helps.

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