Cannot Validate Purchase of X theme

I have followed the instructions here

which are

  1. enter URL into “Production” and “Staging” fields
  2. go to Wordpress site and paste in code
  3. press Enter key on keyboard

but it does not work, please help

Hey There,

Would you mind providing us with login credentials so we can take a closer look? Please provide following information:

Set it as Secure Note

  • Link to your site
  • WordPress Admin username / password
  • FTP credentials

All the best!

I have sent a secure note

Thank you!

All validated for you successfully now :slight_smile:

I hope this helps.

OK thanks.

No problem at all :slight_smile:

Hello @jordanj!

I have similar problem. I get “Uh oh, we couldn’t check if this license was valid” when trying to validate. Any help is most appreciated!


Hi There @raketost

Please open up a new thread and post the following information in a secure note option.

  • Your site URL
  • WordPress login credentials
  • Your purchase code (license key)


Did you get the secure note? @mldarshana

Hi There @raketost

I have asked you to create a new thread because we do not recommend to share your login credentials on other members because of security concerns.

Your issue is that you’re using an older version of X theme & Cornerstone so that our validation process will not initiate. Disable/delete your Cornerstone plugin and then update your X theme ( Then head over to X -> Overview section to install the latest version of Cornerstone plugin automatically. After doing so, you should be able to validate your site.