Can the columns change automaticly in numbers in archive pages

In my shop the columns do not adjust (decrease in number) when I change the size of the screen. Big screen should be 4 columns, and on mobile just 1. I made a archive page, but here I only can choose for hiding breakingpoints.

I want to adjust the columns to be shown from 4 to 3 to 2 to 1 as I change the width of the sceen. How to manage this?

Hello @Westervoort,

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It seems that you are using the Row columns to display the product I would suggest you please go to the Row —>Layout —>Template —>set the column layout for different breakpoints

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Hi Prakash, I tried your idea, but maybe I was not clear enough. As I worked in the row there are 2 columns: C1 for the products and C2 for the widgetbar. I want the Column 1 to be flexible with the number of columns within the Column1.

Hello @Westervoort,

In Column 1 element, you have inserted another Row element. That is what you should need to find and change the Layout > Template as shown below.

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