Bug 6.4.8 ACF Editor

hi there it seems there is a bug with adding acf field in html. see video

video is only visible for 2 days

Thanks for sending this our way. Yes it doesn’t look like it wants to insert when the editor is blank. Adding a space then using the DC insert should work. We’ll get that fixed. Have a great day

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@charlie - not sure if it helps narrow down the culprit but also noticed that this issue can be resolved temporarily by refreshing the builder. It’ll work for a time without needing to add a space but then will stop working and require a space or a builder refresh again.

Also should add that it’s any dynamic content. Not just ACF.

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Thanks for the info. Yeah for me it was every type of Dynamic Content when the code editor was empty as well. We’ll get it fixed soon.

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Just chiming in here again. Not sure if this was supposed to be fixed in 6.4.10 but it appears to still be happening on my end :slight_smile: Thanks!

Yeah still seems a bit finicky. We’ll see if the next update fixes it. Have a great day!