Buddypress adjustments

In options I’ve activated fullwith for global setting + buddypress. Problem is that in buddypress pages the header is fullwith, but content is with sidebar area

In addition to this I would like to change the links in buddypress links icon. Is this possible.

And finally, Is there a way to speed up first load of page? (When you enter site) I think X is pretty slow on first painting. Have 3 sites running on X, and all responds slow to first load when you enter. Approx 4s in average.

Hi @trehesten,

  • It seems the BuddyPress pages are generated by the youzer plugin. I recommend you to take a look at the document page to config the layout of BuddyPress pages:


  • From the document page, please navigate to Profile Settings > Custom Tab Settings:

If you still have the issues with Youzer plugin, you should contact to the plugin author.

  • For the speed of website, I recommend you to take a look at this article:

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

The menu I want to add/remove elements in is the menu generated from X-theme in settings (Buddypress navbar menu)

(Youzer menus I have managed to change. )

Regarding speed, I have read this article before, and also uses W3 total cache. But I have no CDN activated. If i search the net, X seems to deliver first paint in about 4 seconds in average in every site I find test results. Im my opinion this is not good enough. If I compare other theme results theu deliver from 1,5 to 5 seconds. This article does’nt explain/shows any way to make a faster X-theme.

Hi @trehesten,

The theme only shows and hide the buddyperss menu but the menu items are generated by buddypress.
To remove an item from buddypess menu, you may try the codes listed on the links below.


With regards to speed, the theme was built to the utmost performance it could achieve. You cannot compare different sites as there are many factors that affect a site performance. One site could have many plugins installed or another site could be in a fast server etc. Please refer to the link below for a detailed explanation.


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