Bought one license, but have new website

Hi there!

I bought - happily ever after - Theme X in 2015 to use it on But I now have a new website with my own name and Odin Productions is redirected towards (my new website).

Can I use my license once more? It’s still me…still paid for it…just a new site.

Hope to hear soon!

Greetz - a happy Theme X user (broke, but happy)

Hi There @odinproductions

Thanks for writing in! Basically you can remove the old site from your Theme License page, then you can assign the new site URL and validate your site.

If you require more information, please check our product validation guide here (


Hey @mldarshana, thanks for your prompt reply. I tried to change the URL in my Theme License Page, but I can’t seem to find the ‘save’ button. Am I doing something wrong?

Hi There @odinproductions

Basically there is no save button. Once you edit your site URL, you can simply hit “enter” key or click on the black “check mark” towards the right side of your input box.

Hope that helps.

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Yay, thanks! It was simpler than I thought. One more question: I’d like to download the zip file since the unpacked Theme X doesn’t upload. I really don\t know where I have the zip file. Any suggestion how to upload the zip? Or should I be able to find the theme in Wordpress and simply activate it again with my license key?

Thanks for helping out! Much appreciated!

Hi There,

If you have downloaded the theme from theme forest, you have to extract it first.
After extract, you will find a zip folder called “X” that is the original theme folder and you have to install that.
You can also download the theme from Apex-> dashboard.

You can check this for help!

Hope this helps!

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