Blog Post Thumbnails on Preview Page Blurry

I have had this issue before…blurry images on the home page thumbnails and now seemingly after the most recent update we’re having this problem on the blog archive page…

I’ve disconnected jetpack again and tried a plugin to update the photos to no avail. Before I spend any time solving this through additional CSS or PHP, any thoughts?


Hello Jodi,

Thanks for writing in! The loaded images are just the thumbnail sizes. You may need to edit your blog and make sure that it will load the medium or large-size images. If this does not help, please provide us with your WP Acess so we can check the blog images. You can create a secure note in your next reply with the following info:
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Best Regards.

It is loading the full size images, in fact they were directly loaded from a provider (with the exception of our company logo.) The images are fine on the blogs themselves, it’s just the thumbnails on the archive display. It’s odd. I turned off Jetpack image acceleration and cleared the site and server cache and no luck. I’ll send you a secure note with credentials when I get a minute this morning.

Hello Jodi,

Your blog page is created with the default WordPress Block editor.

It could be coming from the Block Editor or the JetPack plugin. This falls beyond the scope of our support since you are not using the builder. I would recommend that you install the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin and start the process of regenerating the images.

Kindly let us know how it goes.

Sorry for the delay. Regenerate thumbnails didn’t work. This blur issue happened when we installed the Pro Child theme, so it is an appearance issue related to your theme regardless of how it was originally created. Jetpack image compression is not the issue, it’s been disabled and the block editor correctly created the items in the first place. Although we like the overall appearance of Pro-Child, it’s unreasonable to expect that we’re going to rebuild every page using cornerstone. I will rebuild the page in question in Cornerstone if you don’t have a solution.

Hello Jodi,

There isn’t any code in the Pro Child theme that modifies the image sizes.

  • See the secure note below.

The WP Block is loading a thumbnail and it is being blown out to cover a bigger area which is why it is blurred. What we can do is test this out in a staging area where we can switch to another theme to figure out what is causing this issue. Can it be a conflict or that a 3rd party plugin may be causing this? Do you a a staging site that we can troubleshoot?

Thank you in advance.

I have set up a wp-staging site to test this issue and will send a private message with the URL. The issue started when we switched to the pro-child theme (along with blurred images on other thumbnails on the site, but specifically blog related) which is weird to say the least. The other thumbnails were fixed when I turned off JetPack image caching but not on the blog. I can’t think of any thumbnails we’re using that were put in place after we switched to Pro-Child but I’ll go back and look at our change log and do some conflict testing…honestly the only image related plugins we are using are JetPack and Image Library folders other than Regenerate Thumbnails and again the image compression features are turned off and Image Library Folders doesn’t have anything to do with appearance. I’m a bit stumped.

Hey Jodi,

On your staging site, I’ve switched to the Twenty Twenty Four theme and the issue is still the same.

  • See the link in the secure note below

This could mean that the issue is coming from the WP Block editor and not theme related.


I’m not having the same results…goes back to normal. But I will check with Wordpress, that shouldn’t be an issue and it only started after switching to Pro-Chiild. I’ll just rebuild the page in Cornerstone for time’s sake at this point.

Hey Jodi,

My colleague already tested the page using the default WordPress theme and the result is the same, the Pro child theme is not at fault. Creating a new page using Cornerstone will fix your issue.

Thank you.