Beyond Convert Plus?

Hello, can I create the below with Convert Plus? Or is there another recommended plugin?

We’re trying to create a section that can be expanded. Please see screenshots to better clarify what we’re trying to achieve, which is a collapsed and expanded info bar type of thing. Also, is there a way to have a way to expand a section into a form, such as clicking “<<” then expanding it into a form?

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You can take a look at the ConvertPlus plugin to have infobar on the website. To get started, please take a look at following resource.


Yes, i know about the Convert Plus info bars, we already have one, and it’s not what we’re looking for. Can you please re-read my question and answer it? We want an info bar that expands and collapses, and a separate form that expands and collapses.

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To show/hide a section using a button, please take a look at this ticket:

Hope that helps and thank you for understanding.

Before exploring this further, was this done with Convert Plus or was it done within the Theme? Can I build the visual aspect of my attachment (see screenshots at the top of this thread) with Convert Plus or do I need to build it within the theme? After I complete the visual portion, I can begin to test the functionality of expanding and collapsing the section, but I first need to know how/where to create the section in the first place.

Hello Mary,

In which site did you see the info bar? It might not be an infobar made of ConvertPlus but may have done with some custom html code in it. If you can share the url of the site were we can see the example above, we might find out what has been used to create it.


I haven’t seen the infobar anywhere, that’s a photoshop mockup. I’m trying to figure out how to I can begin to create it.


You can create it using ConvertPlus plugin.

Plesae refer to the links below for your guide.

Hope that helps

How can I make it collapsible? Nothing in that link specifies that. How can I add the different icons? I’ve been asking the same questions in this thread and no one is actually answering me. Please either assist me or recommend a different plugin.

I’ve also asked related questions in other threads and have gotten no help, so I’ve been trying for 2 weeks to solve this specific issue and am still at square one.

I need to create an expandable/collapsible info bar with different icons, similar to the mockup at the top of this thread. What plugin do you recommend? If it’s Covert Plus, how do I achieve that?

And I’ve also repeatedly asked if I can also create an expandable/collapsible form and no one is addressing that question.

Hi Mary,

With this setup, you don’t need to use a ConvertPlus, you can utilize the Header widget if you’re on X theme. Please check this It’s a bit old but instead of Customizer, you can go to Theme Options for the same feature.

You can simply enable one column to header widget area, then add your content to the text widget. Still need more styling to achieve the exact look from your provided image. BUT, if it’s just those icons then you can simply use Global block, Build your content as global block and add the global block shortcode to the text widget, like [cs_gb id=381].


I need a bar near the footer area. I’m using Pro, will this work? I know how to create the section within the theme, but don’t know how to make it collapsible.

In this site, when you click buttons it expands into more content:, which is what I’m going for, but in info bar form

Hello Mary,

The example site is using the Show-Hide/Collapse-Expand plugin.

You may install this and insert the shortcode in one of the section or bars for your footer to be able to accomplish what you want. And since this is a 3rd party plugin, it is best that you ask for more assistance from the creators of the plugin because they are more familiar with it.

Hope this helps.

I’m still trying to solve this. I created a static section at the very bottom of this page:, since it’s proving so hard to create an expandable info bar, is there a way to hide the very bottom section of this page, and have it only viewable if someone clicks the ConvertPlus Slide In, and then the slide in will link the users to that section? Or is it possible to create a tabbed/accordian section that expands into the content at the bottom of the page?

Hello? Can I please get further assistance? Why is this issue so hard? I’ve been trying to solve this issue with you guys for 2+ weeks. I’m trying to create something simple within the theme and am getting no real help on how to achieve it.

Hi Mary,

Sorry to hear that, but we only based it on the information initially provided. For example, you only provided a mockup design and ConvertPlus, so we thought you’re referring to info bar. And then I just suggested the widget area since it’s much simpler if its main purpose is collapsible info bar.

But now all the requirement is clear, I’m afraid to say it’s not possible. The theme has no element or existing feature for the collapsible section which is why our last recommendation is using a 3rd party plugin.

And yes, it’s completely impossible for ConvertPlus since it’s not made for that purpose. It’s either use a 3rd party feature or do custom development which I recommend contacting a developer to fully create a functional expandable content.

Thanks for understanding.

It’s not possible to create a class ( blue section at bottom of page) that’s only visible when a convert plus modal/slide in is clicked? I don’t understand why it’s so hard to create content that expands or collapses.

Hi Mary,

ConvertPlus has no feature like that, you may check their demos and there are no expand/collapse feature. Still, I recommend using the plugin that Ruenel is suggested.

And if you still wish to continue that setup with ConvertPlus then I recommend contacting a developer as we can’t provide custom development in the forum.

Thanks for understanding.

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