Beta4 Image/Icon usage with parameters

I have read through the documentation on Parameters, and a few times it shows the use of fa-icon keys. If I created a button component, and I wanted to be able to swap out the icon via a parameter, how would I go about doing this? I don’t see a way to put a {{dc:param:button-icon}} or something along those lines anywhere in the graphic area of the button. Am I missing something?


I’m also looking for an answer to this one.

Me too. I can make the Icon parameter but can’t connect it to the Button icon setting. :- :unamused:

I think I have it:

  1. Activate inspector breakout mode by keying Command Option B on a Mac. (See Cornerstone help -> Keys to see yours)
  2. The element editor now shows all settings as a text field
  3. Insert your parameter into the icon text field: {{dc:param:icon}}
  • You can use the ‘database’ icon - scroll down, find the Element Parameters section at the bottom, and insert the parameter name and use that to get the right syntax

It works!

Glad inspector breakout mode helped you there. Big fan of that feature.

Thanks for this - it works for me, but how would I enable the option to turn off/on the option to display a graphic?