Beta 4-rc1 - Possible Bug - Reordering Not Possible Within Div


It seems it is not possible to reorder elements within the Div layout element. If I add a Div to any level of a layout hierarchy and then add any element within the Div, I am unable to re-sort the order of the elements by dragging them within the Div in the Inspector tree.

Can you replicate this behaviour, or is it intended to be so?


I could not recreate, but I might need more info.

I was able to reorder every which way here. Am I doing something wrong in your example? Are these or any of these divs Components? Could you send me a screenshot of the inspector tree? Have a great weekend if I don’t hear from you.


A bit of weirdness going on here.

Since I raised the case, I have closed the lid on my laptop and been away from it for an hour. Now when I try to recreate the issue, I am unable to and reordering works as expected. When the problem was present I could hard refresh the page and it still occurred. This is a new site, no cache involved.

The tree looked just like yours.

Have a great weekend!

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