Background Videos Not Playing On Safari

Good evening - we are having issues with our background videos playing in Safari:

We currently have the videos embedded, and the videos are being hosted from the website. We attempted to use the Type > Video for the background, but the videos will not play. We’ve confirmed they are MP4s with H.263 codec.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Jeffrey,

Thanks for reaching out.
Background videos, especially in iOS Safari browser, are disabled on mobile, but it plays well in the Chrome browser on Android devices. There are other ways to make that possible but that would mean slowing down your page and it’s outside the scope of our theme support as it would require custom development.

I would suggest you go through the following thread on this.


@tristup Thanks for the comment.

We are not talking about Mobile, just Desktop. There’s gotta be a solution or an issue going on. We’ve built tons of these sites and have never had an issue with videos playing as a section background on Safari.

Hi Jeffrey,

The video background plays on my end, buts it’s laggy this video seems to be not optimized for web.

Can you test this video and see if it works fine, if it is, then we know it’s your video has the issue. You can follow the article below for video file optimization for web pages.


@friech What doesn’t make sense to me is that the videos are playing fine on all other pages, but this one is giving us issues.

We’ve optimized all videos and got them to about half the previous size.

Videos work perfect on this page:

Not so good on this page:

Do you know why it’s such a vast difference between the 2 pages? The MP4s are the same size. Any further help would be greatly appreciated!

Hello Jeffrey,

How many videos do you have on your homepage? If I view your site on my Safari, I have to wait a couple of moments and as soon as the video is playing, I am seeing this message from Safari:

This webpage is using significant energy. Closing it may improve the responsiveness of your Mac.

Can you please limit up to one or two videos on your homepage and test the page again?

Thank you.

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