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Hello - how can I adjust my video to be the full span of the page? I tried to change it from an element to the background of a section, but the sound would not play the sound. In the customizer, the video also looked significantly larger than when posting to the website as well.

Here is a screenshot of how I would like it to look:

Screen Shot 2022-08-04 at 6.14.51 AM

Hello @SE1217707,

Thanks for writing to us.

To make the video full page, I would suggest you please make sure you have set the Global container as OFF. You need to go to the Row—>Size—>Uncheck the Global Container check box.

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Unfortunately it is still not working

Hello @SE1217707,

I checked your settings it seems that you have set the Video element Frame size as 80%, I would suggest you please set it to 100%. Please have a look at the given screenshot below.

Please let us know how it goes.

This is amazing! Is there anyway to make the height significantly smaller and also for the video to auto play? The screenshot I sent over shows the height being smaller for an idea of what I am looking for - inadvertently part of the video will be cut off.

Hello @SE1217707,

Please be advised that the height is relative to the width of the video. And to make it autoplay, please enable the Autoplay option in the Video element settings.

Kindly let us know how it goes.

Okay, this unfortunately will not work how I wanted it too - as I would like for it to be smaller height wise. Can I adjust the section, column, or row to reduce the height of and in turn forcing how the video is displayed to be shorter?

Or for the Background Layers in one of these areas, i.e. section, column, or row, can I adjust the video to play upon opening and also allow the viewer to pause it?

Hello @SE1217707,

If you reduce the maximum width of your Column element, the height of your Video will also reduced since the height is relative to the width.

And if you enable the AutoPlay option in the Video element settings, the video will play automatically upon loading the page and your site viewer has also the ability to pause it.

Hope this helps.

Unfortunately it isn’t quite right - I would like for the video to be the full width of the page and be able to click to play. I would also like to reduce the height of the video. The issue with putting the video as a background element, is that the audio does not play.

Is there anyway I can have the user click the play button, and for the audio to work, and for the video to be full width but also less heigh wise

Hey @SE1217707,

Based on your current setup, inspect the Row element containing the Video element and uncheck the Global Container under the Size option then preferrably set the Width to 100%.



Regarding the height, there’s no option to crop a self-hosted video reducing its height. There’s a hacky way to crop using the Column’s Height but that would hide the video controls so that might not be ideal.

The recommended way is to use a 16:4 video aspect ratio. You’re currently using 16:9.

Hope that helps.

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