Background Video Only Showing Intermittently - MEJS Error


On the homepage of one of my sites i have a background video in the header.

Sometimes it shows; sometimes it doesn’t.

When it doesn’t, I get the error:

MEJS media error. TypeError: Cannot read property ‘pluginPath’ of undefined


Any thoughts?

Hey Phil,

I checked your site and yes, the video does not load. And, it’s not intermittent. It really does not load on my end.

I see that you have combined all the Javascript in your site and minified them in one file. It’s served from a CDN. Please first disable concatenation and minification of Javascript. Maybe it’s part of your CDN service or an optimization plugin like W3 Total Cache.

According to our Performance article, you should exclude the theme’s resources from minification because they’re already minified. Concatenation or combining code into one file is also not recommended because JS functions require a specific loading order and concatenation can mess it up. It’s recommended that you hire a qualified web developer to analyze the scripts in your entire WordPress site and he/she will be the one to optimize it. We do not have support for optimization issues.


Thank you for this! I’m working on undoing all the crazy things I’ve done to speed up the site. I’ll let you know when the problem resolves or I run out of luck.

That fixed it! Thank you sir.

You are most welcome. :slight_smile:

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