Background upper and lower layer show nothing

Hello Themeco,

I’m working on a website but since today the upper and lower background layers don’t show anything anymore on the whole site. Tried to disable all the plugins but that didn’t fixed it.

Hope you can help me out.

Hello @Timmid,

Thanks for writing to us.

In order to help you with your concern, please provide the exact page URL and screenshot of the section where the background image is not rendering. It would be best if you could please share your details in a secure note. Please provide the following details

  • WordPress Login URL
  • Admin level username and password
  • Exact Page URL

You can find the Secure Note button at the bottom of your posts


Here are the details in a secure note.

On the front page the call to action section with typing headline has a background image and color.

Also the GET CONNECTED section at the borrom that is a global block has a background image.

Also other rows and sections were I want to add an upper and lower background image or color it doesn’t work.

Hello @Timmid,

You are having this issue because you have added this custom CSS code in Pro > Theme Options > Custom CSS;

div:empty {
    display: none;

Please remove this code to get your issue resolved.

Best Regards.

Thx so much, totally overlooked this.

I added this to try solve an issue with custom field images on the showcases page. I made a custom post type “Showcases” and made a layout design.

I added 4 images with custom fields, but is it possible to hide the field if no image is added. Now you see empty images tags like here:

thank you in advance.

Hi @Timmid,

If you want to hide the image if the image source is unknown, please add the code below in your Pro > Theme Options > CSS.

Entire website:

.x-image img[src=""] {
    display: none;

Only on the showcase single pages:

  .single-showcases .x-image img[src=""] {
        display: none;

Hope that helps.

Thank you.

Worked great, thank you!

Hi @Timmid,

Great that it worked for you.


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