Assign Custom Pro Header to Blog and Portfolio Archive pages only (RESOLVED)

I’m using X Theme Pro version for the first time and really like the custom header/footer options. Spent hours digging into creating and editing. However I discovered there is no landmark header when using a custom header.

I used code found in the forum for adding the landmark by adding the [short code] to a text element in the header which I then assigned to all blog posts and all portfolio. A little tinkering and adjusting, works okay.

Is there a way I can assign a custom header to only the (archive category/tag pages) blog posts archive pages / and / or / both / portfolio archive pages.

This is critical to how I usually organize content using links to category archive pages for navigation.

I have several sites that I’d like to upgrade but this is a trouble area for me.

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Hi there,

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That’s not currently possible. The only way is assigning a global header so it would be assigned to archive pages too. Then another header for another page where you don’t wish the global header appears.

This is already added to our feature request list :slight_smile:


Thanks, I resolved this.

Maybe this will help others trying to do similar customization:
I used the function code from the post link below to add the option for adding the [awesome_landmark] shortcode into a custom header.

Code was for integrity / for Renew I replaced the name integrity with renew in the function code.

1. I copied my current custom header, renamed it to use for my post/portfolio pages.

2. Assigned the custom header to / All Posts / and / All Portfolio / so it will then show up on all archive posts/portfolio pages and all single post/portfolio pages.

3. Added a bar to my custom header, below my navigation bar for my text element
bar / container / text element, added shortcode [awesome_landmark]

4. Make sure you change the (z index) for the new bar to a lower number than your nav or the dropdown menu will go under the bar below the nav and not work properly. Changed from 9999 to 9998.

5. Landmark CSS – you will want to remove/edit some styles associated with your Landmark then use the options in your custom header bar/container/text element for styling. Otherwise you will have trouble adjusting the custom header because it will have added unwanted styles interfering with the custom header bar/container/text element styles.

6. Landmark should now show up on all archive posts/portfolio pages and all single post/portfolio pages.

7. TITLE ONLY - Removing the sub text

p.p-landmark-sub {
display: none;

8. Removing the Landmark from / single post / and /single portfolio pages.

  • Find your custom header landmark bar using google inspector or other tools.
  • My bar was (.e253-6.x-bar)
  • Now use (display:none;) to remove it as needed
  • IMPORTANT - if you changed headers you need update or add the new bar class in your CSS.

.single-x-portfolio .e253-6.x-bar {
display: none;

.single-post .e253-6.x-bar, .single-x-portfolio .e253-6.x-bar {
display: none;

For my purposes I only removed the landmark from the single portfolio pages and have it set to only display the category title.

There is probably a cleaner way to do this or better function code for the landmark shortcode but this works for me.

Hope this helps.


Hi D,

Thanks a lot for posting your solution.

This will help other users that would try to achieve the same thing.


Your welcome, I’ll be curious to see how the landmark/custom header gets resolved. I have several sites with the option to upgrade and the custom header/footers would be fantastic but I’ll need a solid solution to transition with the use of landmarks. Lots of clever solutions available with the custom header/footer. I’ve spent many hours experimenting.

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Thank you for your feedback, @Dkime.

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