Anchor links on my site aren't working

Anchor links won’t work on my website. If I create a link that points to an anchor, it (sometimes) reloads the page, but always jumps back to the top of the page and doesn’t add the #anchor to the end of the URL.

My link looks like this

Link Text Here

When I click on it, I’m taken back to the top of the page and my URL looks the same (NOT

Any help is much appreciated, thanks!

Hi there,

Thank you for reaching out to us. I checked your setup and I see you’re using an old version of the theme as many bugs have been addressed in the latest version. Please update your theme and plugins to the latest version. You can find the latest version numbers here: ( Then you can compare them to what’s installed on your site.

If you find anything to be out of date, you can review our update guide.

Let us know how this goes!

When I upgrade the theme most of my site’s styling breaks. Do you have any idea as to what is causing that? For example, the slider disappears, and most of the sizing on everything gets a lot bigger.

This isn’t very descriptive, so if you need me to, I can create a test version of my site at a different address.

Hi Harmon,

The problems you described seems to be solvable, but I need to know if you update the theme then the link problem is fixed?

If yes then, please also update the Revolution Slider plugin and add the slide again.

In respect of the text sizes you need to enable the Font Manager as mentioned here:

It will help us to serve you better if you give us a more specific case to check.

Thank you.

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