After 10 months since it was reported, is there an ETA for the fix of the known issue: wrong initial position of slides in “modern sliders” when “wrap” is set to “Carousel”


Is there an ETA for the fix of the issue initially reported on this thread by @cvdw and reported afterwards by myself on this other thread?

Like the title says, in Modern Sliders, the bug causes –when “wrap” is set to “Carousel” and the page first loads– the slides to get displaced from its centered position.

Please, 10 months should be plenty of time to be able to provide the users of Modern Sliders with a fix or, at least, an ETA.


Hey Diego,

We’re sorry for the inconvenience! I check the issue still and it is still pending. I will bump the thread so that our developers will notice it.

Thank you for understanding.

Hey @marc_a,

I would appreciate if you or any of your developers could confirm an ETA.


Hey DIego,

Regretfully, we cannot provide any ETA but rest assured that they will look on the said issue as I have bumped the issue thread.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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