Adding Facebook pixel thank you page tracking

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I need to add some code below the tag on just the thank you page for our Facebook ads pixel to track conversions. I can’t see to figure out how or where to do that.

This is the page i want to put it on

Here is a screenshot of FB’s instructions on how to do this. Basically it loads data when the thank you page is viewed as a conversion tracking method. Please advise, thanks! :slight_smile:

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You can use Header and Footer plugin to add Facebook Pixel code.

Here is a tutorial that you can use to get started with Header and Footer plugin.

In case you don’t want to use Plugin, please use the solution mentioned in following thread. Please note that before making any code changes, we suggest you to install and setup Child theme:

You can download child theme from following source:

Please use following documentation to install and setup child theme:

Please note that the plugin name I have shared is not a official Themeco advice. It’s just a personal input that I have shared with you to help you get started. 3rd party plugins may cause some issues and we won’t be able to provide support in that scenario.


Thanks, but I already have a header and footer, I just need to add code to the thank you page only, not the entire website? that is my problem.

Hello @RossAndrews,

Thanks for updating the thread. :slight_smile:

In my previous reply, I also shared a link to existing thread wherein my colleague shared the code that can be used to add Facebook code for a single page. As in your case you want to add the code to thank you page, all that needs to be done is replace the page Id. I am sharing the link to the thread over here again. Please take a look.


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