Adding 3 Custom Fonts to a page

How can I add 3 custom fonts to the theme and use 3 different fonts on 1 a page - I have the font files.
I want to use the fonts on other pages though out the theme and site design Do I do this in the child theme?

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You can add as many fonts as you like and you can use it in the page when you edit it in Cornerstone or Pro editor. Just make sure that you have enabled Font Manager in X > Theme Options > Typography and have added the fonts in the Font Manager. To know more about the font manager, please check this out:

We would loved to know if this has work for you. Thank you.

This only avail in pro? I dont have pro. Will I need to upgrade?

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The font manager is available in X and Pro theme. You do not need to upgrade. Once you have created the fonts, you can apply it to the elements or a particular element on the page when you edit the page in Cornerstone or Pro editor.

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I loaded up the fonts as you said. now if I have text on a page, How can i change that text in the cornerstone page editor ?

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You can set the fonts for v2 elements. You can see the font size settings for v2 elements where you can set customizations for the fonts.

In case you are not seeing the font settings, please enable the Advanced Mode options. Please click on the cog icon on the settings area then enable the Advanced Mode option.

Hope this helps.

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