Active and Hover states for button v2 elements

I’m having trouble finding the correct attribute to modify to have one background color for hover and another for active (when you click on the button) for the button v2 element.


Hey @wbgTHEMECO,

Regretfully, the Button element doesn’t have Active State design options so you’ll need to write your own CSS. You can use the Hover and Active pseudo-classes in the Button’s Element CSS


$el.x-anchor:hover {
  background: red;
$el.x-anchor:active {
  background: blue;

Hope that helps.

Yup, that works. I was hoping to find a global css option to use, but if there isn’t one, then I can create a preset button that has this element level css.

Glad to hear that, @wbgTHEMECO.

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