Accordion Element Shadow Controls

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Are there controls to remove all shadows form the accordion element?
If not, what is the CSS to get rid of all accordion shadows.

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Please, backup your website completely and update the theme to version 6.0.4 and Cornerstone version 3.0.4 or if you use Pro to version 2.0.4.

Then you will have a new element called Accordion other than the Classic Accordion which has the options to set the box shadow:

For more detailed information please read the article below:

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Hi. I didn’t say “Classic Accordion Element”. I am all up to date using Pro.

See attached screenshot. I would like the shadows around the boxes gone please, it looks very dated.
Side question, is there another way to create accordion-style content using some of the navigation elements like Navigation Collapsed?

Thank you so much.

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Thanks for the update!

Please use this CSS in your global CSS to remove the shadow.

.x-acc-item {
 box-shadow: none !important;

Regarding the second question, to make similar kind of thing you need custom development. Which is out of our theme support scope.

Thanks for understanding!

Hi there,

Thank you. For an updated element, it seems to lack a lot of these basic options or am I missing these options in cornerstone?

How do I change the background colour of the boxes, both the heading and the drop down?

How do I choose my font style?

Thank you :slight_smile:

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hi There,

Sorry for the confusion!

All the setting you are looking . for is available in the options.
Please click on the item tab of the accordion and you can find all the setup like background and shadow.

Click on the header tab to setup font, color and size etc.

Hope this helps!


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