A way to add Newsletter plugin to footer

Hello. I recently updated my site to Pro theme and would like to add the Newsletter widget in the footer in the same container as the copyright section, but just above it. How to accomplish this? Thanks.

Hi michaellanfield,

As you are using Pro theme, I suggest using Footer Builder, then add a “Widget Area” there with your desired sidebar that contains the widget you want.


hello Alaa. I went to Pro > Footers > went to Edit footer and added a container above copyright container and added a widget area and the Newsletter code, but it breaks up the footer because the Newsletter code displays to the left of the copyright and not on top of it.

Here is the code I would like but to make it so it is all displaying vertically above the copyright section. Thank you.

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i am not sure why the html code is not appearing here?


You need to edit your bar and set the flex layout to Column

or you can add another BAR for that form, that way it not display inline with your copyright text.


Hi Paul. I tried everything and I did kinda fix it, but now the copyright, links, and social media icons are gone even though I see them all in my footer page backend.

Hi michaellanfield,

To let us investigate this issue and take a look at your footer setup, then please provide us with WordPress Dashboard login details in a “Secure Note”.


here you go. Thanks.

Hey There,

Thanks for writing in!

…but now the copyright, links, and social media icons are gone even though I see them all in my footer page backend

  • This is because the copyright, links, and social media icons is the default footer layout. When you create a custom footer and assign it globally, the default footer will be removed and replaced with the custom footer instead. You will need to create more bars to your custom footer instead to add the missing elements. You can add another bar for the copyright text and links and so on.

Hope this explains it briefly.

yes I did all that. I created a custom footer and added 2 bars, one for the email subscribe form and the other for copyright, links and social media icons, but still the copyright section does not display.

Kind of fixed it. I found that the second bar height was not adequate. Playing around with settings.

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