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Hi guys.

I have a few questions regarding a page I’m working on at.

  1. I would like to display my products like they are on the Ethos demo shop page, i.e. bigger images. All my products have a smaller image but I need them to be bigger. I have changed the shop display images in WooCommerce and regenerated all my thumbnails but that did not change anything. For example the products on this page are not pretty, http://nyr.rsimport.is/voruflokkur/garmin/baturinn/dyptarmaelar/ and I also need the whole box to be clickable for the user to view the product, not only just the product name.

  2. When viewing a single product, for example http://nyr.rsimport.is/vorur/garmin/hreyfing-heilsa/forerunner-35/ I need the text to be wrapped around the image, not only to the right of the page.

  3. Lastly there are some translations that I need fixed. On the product detail page the Related products text is in english. I have a custom function in the functions.php for my child theme but that does not change the text there. Also when you go to checkout I need the placeholder text Notes on your order… to be in Icelandic. This text should be translated in the function but it’s not working.

Hello @laxanet-gretar,

Thanks for asking. :smiley:

  1. Please try changing number of column and that should fix the image size and click problem you are facing. You can do that under X > Launch > Options > WooCommerce > Shop > Shop Columns.

  2. Can you please elaborate the question as in what you meant by wrapping text around the image?

  3. I suggest you to refer our translation guide. https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/setup-translation/61

Displaying customer notes on order page will fall outside the scope of support we offer as it will require custom development. However you can check out following resources to get started.




Changing the columns for Woocommerce did not change the product display as you can see here http://nyr.rsimport.is/voruflokkur/garmin/billinn/. Also when you move the mouse over a product you have to click on the name to view the product, I want the whole box to be the link.

When viewiing a single product I want the text to be wrapped around the image, now it is showing the whole text in a right column but I would like the text to go under the image. You can see a single product here http://nyr.rsimport.is/vorur/garmin/billinn/garmin-drive-51-lmt-s/ and since there is a lot of text with the product dont want the image column so high all the way down the page if you understand what I mean.

Hey @laxanet-gretar,

The Ethos demo shop uses 2 column shop layout that is why the columns are huge. You’re using 3 column setup. Please change to two column setup.

This is not possible out of the box and will require custom development to achieve.

You placed your content in the short description area.

Place your content in the content area or the Woocommerce description tab. Ensure the description tab is enabled in Appearance > Theme Options > WooCommerce > Single Product


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