6.4.1 Bug footer not visible in footer builder

Hi there,
when i make a footer in 6.4.1 i see the footer and can do all things. when i then change to another tab in the builder or close the footer and reopen it, the loading animation i sthere forever. i just can edit it in the inspector without visual feedback.
anyone can confirm this bug?


i need to launch the site today, so it is urgent…
btw tried different browsers. cleard also the system cache

one more: when opened a footer one time, no other layout could be opened. then the loading animation is there forever on page layouts or other layouts too that worked before. then you have to close the whole builder and open the builder again.

I’m not able to recreate. Does changing the Preview URL help? Any plugins you think might be the cause? Do you want to send over a login so I can check it out?

of course. credentials in secure note.
The site is on a staging server.

Switching layouts, tabs and using the footer was working fine for me. Did you figure something out or is this still happening to you? Do you get any messages in the Dev Console?

hi, sorry it was the wrong page.
in secure note the right one :slight_smile: