404 - Incorrect path to X theme elements

According to this thread (https://theme.co/apex/forums/topic/incorrect-path-to-ilightbox-ajax-loading-gif/) it is known that some elements are not being addressed correctly in the CSS.
I am running W3 Cache - checking for broken links after turning on W3s minify process, these are the ones we are missing:

The first two are clearly wrong because of the repeated “framework”
The 3rd location only contains css files

I am unsure how I should address the corrections in the custom CSS.


Hi There,

Thanks for writing in! We have already identified this as a bug and it is already on our issue tracker. You can find more information here (https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/wp-content-themes-pro-framework-css-framework-img-global-ilightbox-preloader-light-gif/16843).

In the meantime, we do not recommend to use CSS or JavaScript minifications as X already provides a minified version.


Thanks and Hmmm… Based on the info here - “if you’re using plugins that include their own scripts and styles”, which the site does have, I decided to turn minify on.
With minify on there is a visible load improvement and a significant performance improvement based on some of the on-line tests so keeping it on should be helpful.

The css temp fix at the link you note relates to a similar but not identical element in our setup.
Instead of coming up with the appropriate temporary css identifiers and fixes, can I cheat and copy the required resources into the folders where they are expected and plan on them being wiped out when the next update rolls around?

Hello There,

Thanks for updating in! Yes you may copy file missing files and upload it in the correct folders. You do not need to removed it when you update the theme because during the update itself, these folders will be removed and replaced with the latest version of the theme files.

Hope this helps.

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