3rd party site templates?

I know you guys have Design Cloud now, but is there a place where people are sharing their own site templates to install?

Hi Brian,

Thank you for writing in, there might be 3rd party sites that provide free or paid Cornerstone templates (heres one), however, we can not do recommendations for those sites as we did not test personally and can’t guarantee the compatibility of their templates. Please note that any issue that causes this 3rd party templates is outside of the support that we can offer.

Thank you for understanding,

Understood on the support… appreciate the response. didn’t realize you can still use Cornerstone templates in Pro

Hi @brianmedia,

If they made the template using X then it will also work with Pro because they have the same code base. Pro and X are only differ with advanced functionality. You can also check the difference between Pro and X below.

Hope that helps.

Thank you.

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