3 Column Row to Collapse on Mobile

I know this should be a simple thing, and I enabled flexbox on each column but I can’t get the columns to wrap…


Top of page emojis with text in middle.

I’ve even tried this…

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I checked your site it seems that the 3 columns layout is working fine at my end. It might be the issue cache I would suggest you please clear your browser cache and then check it again.


I want them to stack on mobile to be responsive that is the layout I want for desktop. I want the columns to wrap.

Hello @verobeachmarketing,

If you want the columns to collapse and stack below each other on mobile, you do not need the CSS code. You can actually set it in the Row element settings, Row > Layout.

If you are not familiar with the Responsive Styling yet, please check out this documentation:

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Thank you, used to not have to click the “label” it would just work so I needed a bit of a nudge, thank you.

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You are most welcome.

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