1px white line below section

Hi. On this homepage: wordpress-100914-329432.cloudwaysapps.com

If you scroll down to the section where the video is, you will see a thin white line although I set the padding and margins to 0px. Could you help me understand why it’s there and what I can do to get rid of it?


Hello @Multiplier,

Thanks for writing in!

Have you made any changes as I don’t see the problem on website as shown i screenshot?


No I haven’t made any changes and it is still there. Do you mind showing me a screenshot?

Hi There,

Here’s how it renders on our end (https://snag.gy/JVKELe.jpg).


Ah I see that I was using a larger screen. Can you take a look here instead: http://wordpress-100914-329432.cloudwaysapps.com/home-3/

Hello @Multiplier,

I don’t see spacing on that page too. Please let us know the resolution you are using to website? On a friendly note, I noticed that the website is taking considerable amount of time to load and also the navigation in and around pages is bit jittery. I ran a speedtest and the average load time is close to 9 seconds. You can visit following link to see test result https://tools.pingdom.com/#!/mEOOb/http://wordpress-100914-329432.cloudwaysapps.com/home-3/

My recommendation would be to refer our performance optimization guide to improve page load time: