Your theme (Pro) contains outdated copies of some WooCommerce template files. - Is it safe to ignore this message?

I love the Pro Theme and how it works so well with WooCommerce. I have the Pro Theme installed on 8 Wordpress/WooCommerce sites.

Most of the sites have the message displaying about the outdated WooCommerce template files. Is this something that is important or can I let them go. I have not customized any of the template files.

In the past I have simply changed the date on the templates. I see the link under the message with instructions. But can this be ignored without concern?

Same question for me. Brand new install and running into this.

and me - I have installed Woocommerce and it is stating that the theme Pro has outdated files in the themeā€¦ How should I proceed?

Me too. When will you do another update?