Xtheme pro licensing issues

we had a thread here that’s been closed: https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/hello-i-have-two-x-theme-pro-licenses-and-one-x-theme-license-question-with-staging-production/52632?u=itsthehype

We can only setup one staging and one production url at a time, but we have two keys (4 sites) that need to be validated and running at all times.

When I take a key and setup the validation on the two urls, they work, then I setup the additional urls, go to the sites and validate them. What happens is the first key loses it’s validation because the two urls are no longer matching the staging/production urls, then I can switch it back but the 2nd key would lose it’s validation.

We need to have these keys validated at all times and there doesn’t seem to be a way for us to do it through the login/license portal. Can someone explain to me how to get this done without having to make multiple account, as we get more clients we’re going to be managing more and more keys and we need them all to be valid all the time. Thanks!

Hi @itsthehype,

Thank you for writing in, first off please navigate to your licenses page and lock your PRO license.

From what I understand you seem to use your ThemeForest purchased code and Themeco converted license code as a separate license, no that is not how it works, that is only count as one license, so that means that PRO license you have can only assign to 2 domain (one staging and one production), not 4.

You need another PRO license to validate your other 2 domains.

Product Validation
Purchase PRO

Hope that shed some lights,

So I half way understand what you’re saying. What’s the difference betweeen a purchased code and a converted license code then? Why are they treated as one item? I am not very clear on how the system works I suppose.

Hi @itsthehype,

The converted code is the upgraded one, and the upgraded is the one use for validation and you should utilize it instead of the older one. The difference is, the old one is for X theme, the converted one is after you upgraded to Pro in which you’re currently using.


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