XAMPP & X Licensing

Hi, ive currently bought the X Theme!
I want to activate the license on my local Xampp ( on a local ip:, just to play around with it, before i put it up on a live web host
my question is. will i need 2 licenses to do this? or can i use the same licenses for this without much trouble?

Hi There,

Thanks for writing in! Every license comes with development and production validation option and you can assign your local server URL there.
Example: http://localhost/my-dev-site/

You just need to assign your site URL through your Themeco License page and then you should be able to validate.

For more information, please follow our product validation guide here (https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/setup-product-validation/55).

Hope that helps.

Thank you so much, thats easy, so basicly just adding my local ip link to that “Staging” entry yeah?

Hello @Ielwa,

Thanks for updating the thread. :slight_smile:

Well, local IP address might now work when it comes to validation. I suggest you to create virtual hosts. Please take a look at following tutorials to create virtual hosts.



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