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I couldn’t find any info from the Pro theme. I need this theme for E commerce. There isn’t any theme so how can I configure the checkout, and the shop sites? Where is the full list where I can see the extra plugins? I read the site speed after to change pro much more slower than. Can you show any tests? Please refer some pages where this the is running.


Hello @Deak,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

Let’s address your questions one at a time:

  1. Checkout: Both X and Pro Theme comes with Woo Checkout Editor plugin that can be used to customize checkout page. You can install Woo Checkout Editor from X/Pro > Validation > Extensions.
  2. Shop Page: To setup shop page you can use WooCommerce plugin. To install WooCommerce, please navigate under X/Pro > Validation > Approved Plugins.
  3. List of bundled plugins: Both X and Pro theme comes with same bundled plugins. You can see the list of all the plugins by visiting following page. https://theme.co/x/extensions/
  4. Site speed:: Just by converting from X to Pro slows down the page load time is not correct. Website page load time depends on number of factors i.e hosting, websites contents, plugins etc etc. We have published article that you can use to optimize page load time.

Both X and Pro Theme are optimized for fat load time. I don’t have test result for Pro theme, but team at WP Rocket published article on there website on page load time of X Theme. You can check that.



one more thing: as you mentioned there are many 3th party apps like Layerslider. You cannot give me a validation key, so what is good for? I can download it this level for free.

Hello Deak,

You will get all these extensions for free, all of these extensions bundled with X/Pro offer all the standard features, but sometimes the plugin developers create premium features exclusively to motivate users to buy the product direct from them, if you want one of these features then you will have to buy separate license from the plugin developer.


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