X Theme Search icon on navbar doesn't function after upgrade today

X Theme Search icon on navbar doesn’t show search modal after upgrade from 6.0.4 to 6.1.2.

After upgrade, clicking on the search icon on the top navbar doesn’t have any action. Please help! Thanks!

Hello There,

Thanks for writing in! Could you please update to the latest versions?
Our latest versions are:

  • X theme 6.1.2
  • Cornerstone 3.1.2

When updating the X theme, you also need to update Cornerstone plugin. This latest release contains fixes for several issues so be sure to check out the changelog (http://theme.co/changelog/).

After doing the updates, always remember to clear all caches (if you are using WP Rocket, WP SuperCache or W3 Total Cache) when updating so that the code from the latest release is always in use. This will help you to avoid any potential errors.

Please let us know how it goes.

Yeah, this happens on my site, as well. No action when clicking on the search icon.

I’m not using any minification plugins.

I believe it is a javascript error. Chrome is indicating an error in x.js.

This is a brand new issue that only happened after the upgrade to X 6.1.2 and Cornerstone 3.1.2.

Hi guys,

In that case, please provide your site’s URL and admin login credentials in a secure note. We need to check the issue first, given that you already the troubleshooting procedures.

@crschulz, please start a new thread and provide your credentials there for security reason.


Same problem here!

same problem for me

Hi everyone,

Thanks for reporting.

This was already added to our issue tracker and should be addressed for version 2.1.3 which is the incoming update release.


Hey everyone. Stay tuned for 2.1.3. It should be released today and includes a fix for this.

Great! Thank you for letting us know.

Hi everyone,

X 6.1.3, Pro 2.1.3 and Cornerstone 3.1.3 update was already released.

Kindly update to the latest version for the fix of this issue.

Thank you.

Unfortunately, the problem has not yet been fixed with x 6.1.3 and Cornerstone 3.1.3.

Good luck,

If you’re still having trouble could you please open your own thread? We can login to the site there and take a closer look. Thanks!

I was able to find a temporary workaround by enqueing the appropriate legacy JS code from prior builds into my child theme.

Here’s the minified JS:

jQuery(function(b){function c(){a.toggleClass("in");setTimeout(function(){d.val("")},350)}var e=b(".x-btn-navbar-search"),a=b(".x-searchform-overlay"),d=a.find(".search-query");e.on("touchstart click",function(f){f.preventDefault();a.toggleClass("in");d.focus()});a.on("touchstart click",function(a){b(a.target).hasClass("search-query")||c()});b(document).keydown(function(b){27===b.which&&a.hasClass("in")&&c()})});

No biggie.

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Updated to X6.1.3 and Cornerstone 3.1.3. The issue went away. Thanks!

@joannhu Glad to hear you got it working!

@crschulz You may want to try just reinstalling X and Cornerstone at the latest versions to see if that helps. Good to see you have a temporarily solution though. Feel free to open a new thread if you need help.

I’ve done so much custom coding that I’m not even sure where X begins and my work ends anymore.

Usually I fix the simple stuff. But, this was a JS issue that I could replicate on a virgin install of Wordpress, X Theme, and Cornerstone so I figured that I could not have been the only one affected.

I’ll have to research the issue more thoroughly when I have the time. Perhaps, there’s a change in the html triggers for the new JS that I haven’t yet found?!

I’ve been using X since like 2015 and have a lot of legacy stuff in my sites. Why do you guys insist on making “improvements” on what was once a nearly perfect and beautifully simple theme? Alas…


Hi @crschulz,

I understand the situation but unfortunately, we can not keep the theme unchanged for the sake or legacy features as the web is evolving and it is needed to have the latest trends and technologies incorporated.

Having said that, we always do our best to keep the compatibility as much as possible, but it is important that the customization should not be done in a way that you lost the track as you mentioned.

Change of theme is inevitable and you will have the same experience using any given multipurpose WordPress premium theme. You will need to consider checking your customization and if needed change them.

Here is a list of articles that may help you on the best practices:


I am sure you will understand that we are not here to debate about the current course of the theme and you will need to consider checking your customization to make it compatible with the new version. Having said that, we will inform our leadership team about your comment.

Thank you.

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