X Theme Running Slow


The website I am working on runs slowly both on the front and back ends. I have installed the W3 Total Cache a number of weeks ago and I used the recommended settings given by your website. The site is still running slowly. I also deleted some unnecessary plugins and nothing seemed much improved. I was wondering if you might have any other suggestions?

Also, the W3 plugin somehow conflicts with cornerstone causing it not to load. So, if I need to work with cornerstone, I disable W3 first.

The site is www.audacitymagazine.com


Hey @djmnhistory,

Aside from caching, what other elements of website optimization did you follow in our performance article?

Please also note that, as said in the article, it serves as a foundation, is only for information purposes and is not a guarantee that it will speed up your site because there are a number of factors that could affect website performance and the theme already is optimized. Web host performance is also crucial. It is also discussed in our article.


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