X THEME ON PHP 5.4 Can you help? Any I want to installed the latest or one of the newer versions of X Is there a way to setup a Sandbox environement to test everything wihtout having to have a full license key by chance?

Can anyone help me out with this? I would be so eternally grateful for your help. Or a new license code. The one I have seems to be overlapped with another site that I dont really want to mess with if I can avoid it. Also is there a sandbox license key to borrow for tryingout on environments and settings? Please help me, I’ve been waiting months and prepping as a developer for months to speak to you. I just want to know if you can reissue a code and We can do it now. I’ll add a subdomain like Home.shopnutsandbolts.com temporarily and see what the main page looks like once I import back in my backup to my server on an up to date PHP versions and theme version.

Edit: To be clear: I just want to do regression testing and plain eyeball and console compatibility checks.

Hello @kbrooke,

Thanks for writing in!

Unfortunately, we don’t provide separate sandbox licence key. Each licence key with with two options, Production and Staging. To test the website or develop the same once can use Staging licence for validation purpose.

Having said that I checked your licence manager page and can see that you are using Production and Staging Licenses into use. If you would like to install and test new version of X Theme then you can change the URL that’s there on Staging and then add the website URL that you want to test and validate. Doing so won’t have any material effect on the previous website of which URL was removed from Licence manager.

To learn more, please take a look at following article.


Thank you so much for replying quickly @Prasant. Most kind and helpful. I will try this out.
My subdomain sounds like it should suffice even though they don’t share the same TLD, from your message it sounds like that’s still okay as long as I don’t need it fully activated I can do whatever it is I need to do to check my site…I’ll update you with any problems. Do you have strong feelings about migration practices for X theme? Or any preliminary tasks before installing and undergoing this task of installing my current Wordpress version on a staging domain and importing my site to it along with X theme and my child theme. I’ve backed it up a couple different ways. Thanks for your help, it’s incredibly valued.

Hello @kbrooke,

It would be best to keep your Wordpress version update since the updates we release on our end adheres to the Wordpress standards.

Also, the latest update for X and Cornerstone only supports Wordpress version 5.0 and newer version of Wordpress.

Another key thing you need to make sure of is that when you update X or Cornerstone, you have to update both of them because it will cause an incompatibility issue if only one of them is updated.

Lastly, please also make sure to fully clear your site and browser cache to make sure that you are seeing the latest version of the site.

It is a good practice to do all the updates on a staging site first to make sure that in case there are some issue with the update, the live site will not be affected.

Hope this helps.

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