X theme new plugins vs updated plugins

I recently had an issue where I noticed none of my email forms were working (not sure how long this was going on). After looking through other support topics, I figured out I needed to install “email forms” plugin instead of my outdated “x for email forms plugin”

My question is, how do I know in the future when I should be replacing plugins? Normally they are just updated and I keep them up to date. But in this case, it looks like a new plugin was made and I wasn’t aware of it. Even when I clicked on the info for the old plugin, it just went to the x theme website. I keep x theme updated; do I need to check all those plugins when I update the theme?

Thanks so much!

Hi there,

If you have validated your theme installation, you should be able to get the automatic updates for X and it’s bundled plugins. Please note that automatic updates do not mean the plugins will get updated in background automatically. It means that you will be able to update the through the Wordpress dashboard.

Hope this helps.


I confirmed that it is validated. I guess I just have to be more careful when X updates. In this case, it was a new plug-in that needed to be swapped out and not just an updated plug-in. It was probably mentioned in the update somewhere and I just didn’t read it.

Thanks so much for your time.

Hi there,

If you are not seeing the automatic updates in the dashboard, you might want to try to revoke the theme’s validation then validate the theme again. Here are the steps in Revoking a licenses:

If you are not seeing the revoke validation option on the top of the page, try scrolling to the most bottom part of the page.


Great, thanks!

We are delighted to assist you with this.


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