X-theme Mobile Speed - CSS, Remove assets on mobile


Been looking at which resources are render blocking on page speed insights.

A couple of significant ones, on mobile:
28 KB
2,130 ms
3 KB
930 ms

But on Desktop, much faster for the same elements:
28 KB
470 ms
3 KB
230 ms

What I’m interested in is if there is a way to set X-theme to display a much lighter, simpler page design for mobile? I still need certain plugins/ads to load, but the actual theme design could be very basic without causing problems for user experience?

Is there a way to simplify the mobile site with x-theme (for blog posts)


Hi @tjw101,

Unfortunately, what you are looking for is not available out of the box. All resources loads regardless of screen size. Please take note that those CSS resources are already minified. This article might help.

Fair enough!
Might be something worth considering as a paid add on to X-theme. With mobile speed being such a big thing with google now, a theme that provided a much lighter mobile theme would get my money. I know a lot of people struggling with mobile page speed.

Thanks again

You are most welcome!
If you need anything else we can help you with, don’t hesitate to open another thread.

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