X Theme Demo Content Issue

The demo content drop down in my WP dashboard will not populate either extended or standard demo. I am wanting to install Ethos I. Do you want me to provide you my WP Admin credentials and FTP credentials.


Can someone please address my issue?

Hi There,

Thanks for sending us the details!

I investigate your site and can confirm the issue. Can you please revoke your validation and re-validate the site again.
If that doesnt help please check this validation trouble shooting guid https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/troubleshooting-validation-connection-issues/201
in the validation solutions, try the force-check flag, check the PHP error message and resolve SSL error.

Hope this help!

How do I revoke the validation?

I have tried all of these and nothing is working.

Hi There,

I have successfully installed Ethos 1 for you.

I went to X > and installed the demo with no issue.

Hope it helps!

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