X Pro Theme - Cornerstone Section Full Width


I am using the Pro Theme (Icon) and want to insert full width pictures in the Cornerstone content tab.
Can I add some CSS code in the Section itself (under Customize) to make it full width
and if so could you help me with that :sweat_smile: ?
That would be awesome!

I have seen solutions for the X Theme but not the Pro version unfortunately.

Thank you in advance!


Hello @BTG,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

To have full width section please inspect the Row under section and disable Inner Container option and then enable Marginless column. Here is a screencast. After that add the image using Content builder image element.

To learn more about various option that are there in Sections, Row and Columns please take a look at following tutorial.



Thanks a lot for your reply! It worked!

For people still having the Problem after changing the Row settings, go to: Theme options -> Layout & Design -> Site Width and type in 100%.

Thanks again
Have a nice day!

And if your visiters might use a 4k screen you might want to push the “Site max width” to 3840 otherwise it isn’t full width on their devices.


Hi There,

Thanks for the points!

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