X pro theme and issue with Flow-Flow plugin

Hi there,

I’ve installed the flow-flow plugin in order to stream Facebook page posts on a website, it works well but there is a little problem on the page where the short code is used. Text and code appears under the section where the plugin shortcode is used…

Here is the test page with the problem : https://www.aucaveaudeletable.fr/test/

How can i solve it ?

Tanks :wink:


Hi @dosta360,

Thanks for reaching us,

Seems that the JavaScript code is just printed as a content instead of executed into an output.
This most probably the issue with shortcode you are using.

I suggest you to ask the plugin developer needs to check this first as s/he is familiar with his plugin.

Please also note that we do not provide support for 3rd party plugin conflicts. If the plugin developer will provide evidence that our theme is doing stuff the wrong way, we may investigate but still couldn’t guarantee compatibility because of the differences in systems


Okay, I’m just in touch with the developer who’s going to check it out more closely. I’ll let you know.


Thanks, Jean. Hope you find a resolution.