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Hi there,

I have Cornerstone 3.1.5 installed. I recently updated it to 3.2.5 and when I did so it caused some issues on the front end. The Icons in my pricing tables and accordions disappeared.

So, upon searching for the reason I realised that I have X 6.1.5 installed and not 6.2.5. So, of course I wanted to update X.

The thing that is strange is that I have X set for automatic updates and in the Dasboard I have the message - Congratulations X is updated etc etc Although the automatic update section of X is showing me

Installed Version 6.1.5
Latest Version Available 6.2.5

When I click on the check now it tells me “nothing to report” so I am unsure how to update X as I have always updated via the automatic updates.

I know I could do a manual update - but I would really rather avoid that, it is probably a little out of my skill range.

Any ideas why it is not updating via automatic updates?

I have attached a few screen shots from the dashboard.

Cheers, Nicky

Hello @Scubamobile,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

I suggest you to first revoke validation from X > Validation > Revoke validation. After that please try validating again and see if automatic updates works.

In case automatic update is not working then I suggest you to update Theme manually. To manually update X Theme I suggest you to take a look at out theme update guide and scroll down to manual update section.

To manually update you will need FTP software like Filezilla. To get started with Filezilla, please take a look at following article.


Thanks, Revoking Validation didn’t work. But I managed to do a manual update. Now I have some new issues :slight_smile: But I will start a new thread for that.


Sure thing!

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