X is not validated

We can not activate the theme! there is no way

X is not validated. X validate to enable automatic updates.

Hello @jbarredo,

Thanks for asking and sorry for the trouble you are facing.

It’s bit difficult for us to suggest you proper solution as you haven’t elaborated the question. Essentially there are two questions, first one being theme is not activating and X is not getting validated. Let’s start with first one, can you please confirm whether or not you can activate the theme? Coming to the second question, if there is no issues while activating the theme then while validating the theme do you see any error message in browser and console? If yes, can you please share the same with us?

Also I suggest you to please walk-through our product validation guide https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/setup-product-validation/55.


as you can see at the top gives me the validation error

however the theme is unlocked
we do not know what’s happening

the topic is active and working properly. but is not updated

Hey There,

This could be related to your Caching -> I see varnish cache. Try to flush all cache and see if there are any plugins which might interfere. As long as you have access to all content the validation works fine, this might be just a visual flaw.

there is no cache in the backoffice

reset the varnish cache and nothing. the error still appears. and I can not upgrade to the latest version. I have to do it manual

I am having this same problem. And on my Apex account, it seems that my product is validated.

Hey There,

We will need access to the WordPress installation to see what’s going wrong / what hosting settings might need to be tweaked.

How can I send you access in private?

Hey There,

You can add a secure note by clicking the “key” icon. That way only staff can see the credentials.

aqui va! el user & pass


have you been able to solve the problem?

Hi There,

When trying to login to your site, we’re getting a server error (https://snag.gy/xkEMvg.jpg). Could you please check with your hosting provider with regard to this issue and let us know once your resolve that issue.


from where you connect to give access

india is now unlocket

Hi There,

Our staff is based on several locations around the globe so it’s better to disable this IP based restriction till we solve your issue.

I think your issue might be related to this restriction as well as the validation process required to connect to validation server at theme.co. For more information, please check the following (https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/troubleshooting-validation-connection-issues/201).