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How do I get access to the extensions for my X theme? I purchased the theme 3 years ago. I would be happy to provide the license key in a DM if needed for validation. I don’t see a way to use the extensions aside from the buy option. Are the extensions only open to new users? I would appreciate any information on how to access them.

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Hi There,

To access the extensions list, you have to install the X theme to your website and validate it:

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Thank you for the prompt reply Thai. I have validated per your instructions and now have access to the extensions. Many thanks for the detailed explanation and link.

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Thai, if I may ask another question related to this post. I have the extension I want installed, The MEC events calendar, but the it tells me that the MEC Activation code or purchase code is unverified.

In following your instructions, I did not receive or see and activation code. Below is the section in the MEC events calendar that is telling me to enter the code.

I would ask this question through the MEC events calendar forum, but it needs the purchase code I do not have. Any suggestions.

Thanks - Patrick

Hello there,

It is not necessary to validate the plugin because it is a bundled plugin. All updates will be provided by Theme.co. If there is a need for you to validate, you will have to purchase a separate license for the plugin to be able to do so.

To know more about the MEC plugin and how we have integrated this plugin in the theme, please see the link below:

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the link Jumar. After reading the link, some questions were answered but I still would like an answer to one in particular. How do I delete the details / register button in the List view - Standard style. I am sure this needs to be custom code, but nothing I have tried works. Are you able to assist with this by providing the specific code to make the details / register button dissappear?

Hi there,

Would you mind clarifying which register button? I checked my copy and activated the booking system and there is no register button for List View layout. But yes, there is a details button in which you can hide by adding this CSS to your global custom CSS.

.mec-booking-button {
display: none !important;


I appreciate the reply Rad. I can understand the confusion. It is only the details button that I am seeing. The register button was what I saw in the MEC example. I wanted to cover all my basis with the question. Thanks for the help and the great customer service. The entire team is awesome with help and assistance.

Thank you for your valuable feedback :slight_smile:

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