X Email Forms (mailchimp) not functioning

I’ve done the update to newest wordpress and update of multilingual WPML plugins. After that I couldn’t create new posts so I deactivated all plugins and re-activated all of them one by one. From there I was able to create new posts. Now I have problems with X Email Forms, the form has gone and I’m not able to reconnect the new one created, on the posts page I get this message: “This element could not render because it’s definition is missing. You might need to activate a plugin”. I’ve activated all the plugins but nothing happens. I’m editing posts with X Pro and when I want to choose a new form that I’ve created under the “select email form” dropdown I can’t see it.


Hi Anite,

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Sounds like an internal cache, would you mind providing your site’s URL and admin login credentials in a secure note? I love to check it too :slight_smile:


Hi Rad,
which plugin do I need to install in order to resolve the cache problem?
Inn the meantime I’ve done a rollback of the site to the 2 days before this happened so now everything looks fine, hope this doesn’t happen again.
Now there is one other issue that I’m having: when I create a new post and edit it with Pro and save it on the website there is no excerpt text on the news page under the 2 last posts that I’ve created: http://www.mediana.com/news/
What can I do?

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Hello @Anita_Mediana,

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Because you have rolled back the website, it’s difficult for us to see what was the problem causing issues in functioning of Email forms.

Regarding excerpt, I just de-reactivated all plugins and now it seems to be working fine. Please see screencast. https://screencast.com/t/eIALejjBRn

Kindly clear browser cache and try loading website again.


Hi Prasant,
thank you, I can see the excerpt now.
Can you advise me on which cache plugin can I install for my site (aside the one of the browser that is default and not part of the site)? As far as I’m informed there are some cache plugins.

Thank you.

Hello Anita,

Thanks for updating thread. :slight_smile:

One of the most cache popular plugin is W3 Total Cache. In our knowledgebase we have compiled all the necessary details that will help you to optimize the performance of website. I suggest you to please take a look:

Please let us know how it goes.


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