X does not integrate with AWPCP

Hi, I am trying to create my home page - which is a classifieds directory.
When I use cornerstone to try and customise my page - it won’t let me add any of the AWPCP plug in functionality - such as displaying categories or listings.

Hi Dan,

Thanks for reaching out.

It’s probably a conflict between the plugin, especially if the plugin loads its resources based on the existence of its shortcode. For that, I recommend adding your plugin shortcode through classic text element instead of text element. Else, please provide more information on how you’re adding those functionalities.



I’m trying to create a home page, like your website shows how easy it is to drag and drop onto the grids.

I simply want my AWPCP plug in to display on the home page.

In all other themes, the data is displayed. When trying to edit with your theme and cornerstone, it is all displayed very differently and I’m unable to customise it (your website says this should be easy)

Hi Dan,

The AWPCP is a 3rd party plugin that has no integration with the builder as element for it to be draggable. The similar way Revolution Slider, The Grid, Essential Grid are integrated to the builder.

For that, I recommend contacting the AWPCP plugin author for integration as there is no way for the theme and builder to predict every functionality and features of every plugin. It should work okay if it’s a simple shortcode implementation, but if it’s something with AJAX, Script, and other dynamic processing then that may not work without integration.


Hello, unfortunately then this plugin will not sufficiently do what I am looking for. I will therefore require a refund on both X and Pro.

Your website states that the interface is easy with no coding skills required. It does not mention that it does not like 3rd party plugins.

This does not take away from the service you have tried to off - it looks impressive. However, it does not suit my needs.

Hi Dan,

No problem. We can only handle the Pro refund, since that is purchased directly from us, so I have cancelled the Pro license and processed the refund. Since X was purchased from ThemeForest, you’ll need to instigate a refund for X there. You can learn more about that here.

Thanks for trying X and Pro, and have a great day.

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