WPML Translation Management not working with V2 Elements

I’m using WPML to translate Websites and I’ve used it with X as well.

And it worked wonderfully.

But now you suddenly decided to drop support for WPML Translation Management and I can’t imagine why.

In more Detail:
I created a test-page, where I included a v2 text element and a classic text element

When I open WPML translation management, only the classic text element is visible.

Is there a chance you’re going to fix this?

I’ve also tried the wpml integration you put into content editor (pro). I can create a page and then duplicate the content to translate it.
And when I change something on the page later on, the whole translation is lost and I can start all over again. Nice.

Hi Stefan,

After a short talk with our development team, they have confirmed the issue and they are looking into this.

I have forwarded your thread to the development team.Unfortunately, we cannot provide an ETA for the solution, but considering the popularity of WPML, I believe it will be among the issues they will be focusing and we can expect it to solve it quite soon.

Thank you for bringing this up and please bear with us while we investigate the issue.

Have a great weekend.

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