WPML issues with PRO after creating a menu in 2nd language

Hi there,

I built a website for my client (in French). Now we’re at a point where we need it in English as well.
Instead of using Polylang for this project I decided to use the multi-language solution recommended by Themeco.

I was able to create the English version for each French page using separate directories for each language: example.ca/ for French and example.ca/en/ for English.

When I tried to create an English menu using WPML’s menu sync, the “syncing” between the french menu and english menu got stuck at “0 of 11”. It never moved.

I reloaded the page, and got this fatal error message. With this error screen, the front-end of the website was still fine (french version only, no english) but the WordPress dashboard was not accessible.

After some troubleshooting I determined that the sitepress-multilingual-cms plugin is the problem. Whenever I rename the plugin directory through Filezilla (sitepress-multilingual-cms for example) I can then access the WP dashboard but can’t view or edit the translated content. Whenever the WPML Multilingual CMS plugin is reactivated the fatal error shoes again.

I mainly bought WPML because I read that you fully supported WPML.

WordPress : 5.0.2
PRO : Version 2.4.6
WPML Multilingual CMS : Version 4.1.3
WPML Translation Management : Version 2.7.2
WPML String Translation : Version 2.9.1
WPML Media : Version 2.4.1

What is the solution here? Who can help me, Themeco or WPML?
Thank you!


WPML got back to me with a fix: Link here

I have fixed this issue by doing below steps:

  • Installed ARI Adminer plugin
  • Went to *_icl_translations database table
  • Deleted element_id:57 entry
  • Removed ARI Adminer plugin

And now issue is gone.

Glad WPML sorted it out, Emile. If there is an issue again, we would first need to know if our products caused it so you first need to do some testing a record the results.

  • See what happens if the parent theme is active
  • Default WordPress theme is active
  • All third party plugins are deactivated

And, it is right that you have contacted WPML also.


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