WPML and Cornerstone in 2022

I have to create a WordPress multilingual site soon and of course I want to do it with WPML.
Found some basic help on this site:

I don’t want to duplicate the design of a page or post for the other languages and just translate the plain texts.

I would like to use the advanced translation editor, but apparently it doesn’t work. The translated page is empty. Only with the extension plugin “string translation” it seems to work. Is that correct?

And how can I translate header, footer or components without duplicating the layout?

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Hey @Regnalf,

The WPML theme compatibility doc refers to Classic Elements. If you’re going to use V2 or non-Classic elements, regretfully, duplication or using the translation flags within the builders is still the way to go. We have no word if this will change in 2022, but please stay tuned for updates.


If you mean the flags in the lower corner of cornerstone, it’s not what i want to do. I want no copy of the layout, just string translation, but i think i will solve this with the “string translation” plugin.

Hi @Regnalf,

Glad that you are able to find a solution to this, please let us know if you have any further issues with it.