WP 6.2.2 / X 9.1.4 – errors in Cornerstone after applying WP 6.2 fix

Hi there,

Since applying the WP 6.2.2 fix, when trying to edit a page in Cornerstone I keep getting error messages which read:

Uh oh! Details helpful to Themeco support can be found in the browser’s developer tools console.

This didn’t happen before the fix was applied, and I’m also getting other errors when trying to edit individual sections and elements. This happens with X version 9.1.4. – I don’t want to update to the latest version just yet if I can avoid it. Please find the site login details attached in the secure note.

Hello @outpost33,

Thanks for writing to us.

I checked your site it seems that the page builder is working fine on my end. It might be the issue of browser cache I would suggest you please clear your browser cache and then check it again. I have tested it on Google Chrome version 113.0.5672.127. I would also suggest you must update the theme since you are using the older version of the theme which may cause the compatibility issue with WordPress or other plugins as well.


Hi @prakash_s

This is not a browser cache problem. I have tried in different browsers. Please try editing this post I created which is currently in draft mode. It will give you several errors, including markup errors even though there are no markup issues. Eventually you will not be able to edit at all, or you will get the “uh oh!” error detailed above.

You can also try editing the draft test MEC event I created, with similar results.

Hello @outpost33,

I checked the given page URL as well and it seems that the page builder on this page I also check the MEC events post as well and it worked as well. Please make sure you are not using any browser extension which stops loading the JS/CSS file. Please let us know the browser and its version as well.


Hi @prakash_s

I am using Chrome (latest version for Mac 113.0.5672.126), Safari latest version (16.5 on Macos Ventura 16.4) and Firefox latest version (113.0.2). They all give the exact same errors, and please note that this only started happening after the WP 6.2 fix was applied – i.e. in versions of WP prior to 6.2 this did not occur.

Please try deleting elements rather than simple text editing. Also try deleting a section, a column or a row. You will see an error message like this:

Thank you!

Hello @outpost33,

We highly recommend that you update your X theme and Cornerstone to the latest version. The following are available already:

  • X theme 10.2.5
  • Cornerstone 7.2.5

Please be advised that the older version is not compatible with WordPress 6.2.

Best Regards.


As I mentioned at the beginning of the thread, I am not ready to update yet.

Presumably, as Themeco has issued manual fixes for the loop issue, and has done so for version 9 of X, it should be an expectation that we can use this version under 6.2? I was not aware of any other compatibility issues.

It would be great if you could look into the question I have raised here, pending our readiness to update to 10.2.5 at a later date,

Many thanks!

Hey @outpost33,

We do not support old versions of our products with the latest version of WordPress. Please kindly test X 10.2.5 and Cornerstone 7.2.5 in a staging copy of your site.

If the issue persists in the latest version, that is the time we will investigate in your staging site.

Thank you for understanding.

Hi @christian,

Ok, I have updated to 10.2.5 on WP 6.2.2 on my staging site. Cornerstone editing now works fine, but I have an issue with content in components that were previously Global Blocks.

All the buttons inside the components now say “Array” instead of showing the button. Please see the screenshots and sample URL inside the secure note.

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I changed line 974 in your child theme function, that filter in particular returns a string for a template. Content Area Modal needs to be manually turned on now. You should be all set. Lovely looking site. Have a great day.


Thank you so much for looking into this and making that change. Also thank you for the kind words on the site, much appreciated. Likewise, have a great day :blush:

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You are most welcome @outpost33

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